Sunday, 11 September 2011

What I bought last week

Rite Aid
I spent $4.35 and I have $7 in ups ($7 to be used on my next transaction)
Total cost before coupons and sales $14.43
Albertson's lost receipt I will update when I find it.

Walmart had this Battleship game marked down to $5 I had a $4 coupon making it only $1 all the other things purchased were $0.49 to free with coupons. I don't remember my total $1.49 plus tax? But my savings was $21.31

Safeway has a few deals going on that pair nicely with coupons.
The first one was the Ocean Spray sparkling juice $2 each I used a $1.50 coupon that I found in a coupon booklet found at Safeway's a while ago = $.50 each. I did nine transactions because the coupon said 1 per transaction otherwise I could have done all the juice in one transaction.
The Gold n Soft was $1.29 each but when you buy 2 a $0.75 Catalina prints that you can use on your next Transaction. Plus there is a $1.50 coupon in the 8/14 Smart Source
1st Transaction2 Gold n Soft = $2.58- $1.50 coupon =$1.08 OOP get back a $0.75 cat.
2nd Trans. 2 Gold n Soft = $2.58-$1.50 coupon - $0.75= $0.33 plus a $0.75cat.
Total Saved $37.96 Total spent $5.91

I don't go to Bartell's very often in fact hardly ever! However I had a gift card that I had gotten for transferring a prescription awhile back and I needed a few things that I didn't want to pay for. They had their Cereal $2 I had a $1/2 coupons that I used = $8-$2coupons=$6
Each box had a code that I put into the computer and then selected to receive a $5 gift card
so each box cost $0.25
Saved $21.70 plus made $5 in a visa gift card!

Yesterday I went back to Bartell's to pick up more Cereal. While I was there I Transferred a Prescription over and received a $30 gift card (I used a coupon I had in my Entertainment book)
The prescription cost me $5 OOP and I used a previous gift card for the Cereal for a total savings of $19.96 (for the cereal)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Total before sales and coupons $111.60
I paid OOP..$10
Plus I recieved 3 free milk coupons and I have $7 worth of catalinas to be used on my next transaction.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Albertsons doublers

Both pictures combined equals $162.79 before sales and coupons
I paid OOP $9.55 (I also used $10 worth of gift cards)
But I recieved 8 free milk coupons and I have $6 in catalinas.

Albertson's has a deal going on when you buy 4 General Mills get a $2 cat. and a free milk catalina. But for some special reason it is printing 2 $2 cats. so even without coupons you can score this deal...

4 GM cereals 4/$10

pay $10 get back 2/$2 cats. plus a milk cat.

= $6 for 4 boxes of cereal and a milk coupon

the best part of this deal is you can rinse and repeat.

If you have coupons and doubles this is a much better deal.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Albertson's heartbreaking new's

Purchased this on Tuesday for$8.79 I also received 2 milk coupons and a $2 cat. to be used on my next purchase.
Total without coupons and sale 86.94 a 98% savings!!
Albertson's is undergoing some changes with how the distribute their double coupons. They will no longer have them at the customer service desk. You will have to get them in the Sunday newspaper from now on. :( at least this is the statement on their facebook page.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Recycling catalina's

Total worth...$96.23
I spent $2.96 and received 2 free milk coupons, 2 $5 Catalina's, and a $2 Catalina.
I love recycling money (Catalina's)
first transaction...
4 ice creams 4 granola bars, 1 pizza 2 chickens, Lawry's marinade, 4 GM cereals
besides coupons and doubles I used my last $20 Catalina from buying gift cards, and a few other Catalina's totaling $15 and after I paid $2.27 that beautiful machine started humming, printing $12 worth of Catalina's and 2 milk coupons.
I love saving with paper money!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Albertson's Doubler's

Albertson's Doublers!!
Total Worth $413.13
I spent... $21.34 for 129 items that = $0.16 an item
But I recieved... 2 $5 cat's., $2 cat.,$3 cat. and a free milk coupon.
If you are getting a large quantity of something it's a good idea to call ahead an special order. I special ordered the Yogurt so I wouldn't clear the shelves. I am really excited to throw most of them in the freezer for a frozen treat. And with 6 kids and a Milk drinking Husband we will have no problems going through all the milk before it goes bad. Plus, we are sharing the wealth with our friends.
18 milks, 72 yogurts, 1 (12pack) toilet paper, 2 hefty kitchen bags, 4 Minute Maid Lemonades, 3 juicy juice,7 tic tac's, 4 luna bars, 3 twizzlers, 2 ortega chilies, 4 granola bars, 1 orbit gum, 1 pizza, 4 Dreyers Ice Cream, I won (Albertsons instant win game) 2 Doughnuts and 1.. 4 pack toilet paper

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cheap meat!

Worth $12.08 for a little over 2lbs. YIKES!
I paid... $3.08 = about $1.5o lb. (2 transactions)
Albertson's has a coupon for $2 off 1lb. or more of their premium meat you can find these at the butcher block, I have even seen them at the Deli.
This is a nice coupon made Great by combining it with a package of meat that has been marked down.
First Trans... Angus Blade Roast $5.94 -$2 mark down= $3.94 -$2 store coupon= $1.94
second trans...Angus Blade roast $6.14 - $3 mark down=$3.14 - $2 store coupon= $1.14
these coupons are good till 7/15/11
plenty of time to find great deals on meat!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Gift Cards

Albertsons is having a great promotion right now thru the 21st of June.
When you buy $100 worth of gift cards you get a $20 cat. that can be used on a future purchase.
Most of you are thinking... I don't have a $100 because if I did I wouldn't be couponing. In some cases this might be true. However if we become creative we can make this promotion work for us.
For example... My Birthday was Monday and I knew a Birthday dinner was coming out of our budget. I also know that we needed gas for our vehicles. So instead of just paying the restaurant and gas station I bought gift cards for things I needed anyway and earned a $20 cat. (I did this promotion 4 times for a total of $80 worth of free groceries)
So if a trip to Home Depot, Lowes, Kohl's or a number of other places is in the near future why not get free groceries.